New headboard

Headboard2 (21k image)
Got my picket fence made. Now I can hang pictures and finish the room. There’s been suggestions that i paint butterflies on it or twine sunflowers around but i think I’ll just let it be for now. lol Maybe a morning glory vine later? :laugh:
Still no fiber works but I’m heading to Sis’s on Monday for a WEEK and taking the looms and my wheel so I should have something to show when I get back. Hopefully we’ll make some progress on the video, too, in spite of my bandaged finger. 🙄

2 thoughts on “New headboard

  1. Oh wow, I’ve just got through looking at all your handywork for the past couple of weeks and just WOW! I loooove the table idea and the striping and mermaids in the bathroom and the fence! I can only imagine how the kitchen is going to turn out!!! Great idea with the shell neckace curtain too! I have a boxful of them around here somewhere and never thought about making it a window treatment!

    Hope you have a wonderful week at your sisters. I do believe you’ve earned a bit of rest and relaxation!!! 😀


  2. Thank you Linda! I’ve been enjoying myself. Sis & I are relaxing & playing, but are doing a bit of work, too. I’ll post more when I get home. I can’t type on her keyboard! lol


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