More decorating…

window1 (164k image)
I’m on a roll. It’s our bathroom this time. I painted it white, taped and painted the yellow stripes and discovered there was not enough contrast and it looked… well, not very good. So I got out my acrylic paints and mixed up a teal blue and got my liner brush and did some pin-striping. I like the wavy lines and it made a world of difference. I found a piece of left-over trim in Randy’s shop trash that I cut (correctly!:O) to fit the window and used my collection of shell necklaces to make a curtain. The window looks out onto the lawn and is frosted to so only wanted a bit of decoration. There is nothing in the border strip yet. 💡 I think I have a plan but it’ll be a surprise!
And Tuesday we’re going to Home Base and looking at kitchen cupboards. I told him I wasn’t going to paint there until I tore out all the old cupboards and put in new and he did not toss a hissy but suggest we meet and town and go look at some!
I know there hasn’t been any fiber there in awhile, but it’s too hot and I want to get all the painting done while the weather is good and I can have the windows open. It’s already mid-august and winter will be here too soon! Time again for fiber when the snow flies! 😛

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