vet-pet-mats2 (167k image)
I can finally get to my knitting machine! I decided to start with these otherwise useless odd bits of acrylic yarn and make vet pet pads while using up the yarn and also reminding myself how the knitting machine works… it’s been so long! lol But I think I’m about ready to get out that lavender cotton I bought to make myself a summer top. Maybe even before summer is over! :laugh:
The pads are 80 stitches wide by around 100 long, folded in half to double them then I crochet or sew around the edges to make the pad. These are about 16 x 20 inches. I wanted to make them square but haven’t quite managed that yet! 😛 But it’s fun playing with colors.

One thought on “Finally!

  1. Ooohh, I wish I had a knitting machine. I think I would be cranking out so much stuff, then I really would run out of yarn! 😀 Love the pet pads! You don’t fill them with batting do you? Just double them up and hem them together? I bet there will be some cozy animals at the vets! 🙂

    Love that double take picture up there too. I wonder if I do that in a few years, if I’ll be as shocked! But like you said half the fun was getting there. ;-D


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