My First Aran and the First Snow!

Barbie (32k image)

This is the first “Aran” knit sweater I’ve done. I bought Nicky Epstien’s book, Knits for Barbie and did the first pattern. I think it turned out great, in spite of my “adjustments” to her pattern! lol I love the little fake cables, tho. I just changed the construction. She had the neckband and the sleeves knit separately and sewn on. I hate that so I just sewed the front and back together and picked up stitches around the neck and knitted the neckband on. Ditto the sleeves. Top down. Had a heck of a time getting started with the cast-on ribbing. I have been using a knitted cast-on and I could not get the delicate ribbing to look right until I tried the long-tail cast-on. For some reason the knitted one leaves fat open loops where the other is tight. But all is well that ends well, huh?

Oh Lookee! It just started snowing! Sticking, too! They’ve been predicting it for a week or more now! Jingle bell time at last! Merry Christmas, all! 😀

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