On the road again….

We are getting ready to leave for a couple shows. First in Arcata for the Natural Fibers fair and then next weekend to Booneville for the Californian Wool and Fiber Fair. If you are in either area, we hope you’ll come by and see us. Later this month we’ll be in Canby for the Oregon Flock and Fiber Fair up near Portland.

So not much time at home this month and tho I don’t have any projects to share this time I will be weaving as we go. I was given some yarn, a generic wool and alpaca, nice but not next to skin soft and I am weaving 7″ squares with it. I am thinking I might make an afghan but it would also make a nice jacket, and a little more conservative than my last one. But right now I’m weaving and considering. We’ll see what happens!

I also just got my Weaving for Dolls book finished and will have it with us if any of you are also doll fans. I’ll be working on a project for them on this trip as well.

But I have been clipping pictures from magazines and catalogs for my ideas file. I found this one & thought the collar was rather interesting. I’m never sure if anything will come of the collection but they do help ideas to simmer in the background and sometime inspiration happens.  We’ll see.


Meantime, hope to see you are one of the fairs but if not…

Happy Weaving!

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