Happy St Pat’s day.

Not Irish but  hope you had a green and sunny day, anyway.

I wanted to address a question I get asked frequently, by new weavers, but by those who have had their looms for a long time, too.The question is.. “What can I make with my looms?”

Pretty much anything you would like to make. You are weaving fabric. You can make a mug rug! Well, wow. But that’s what most people start with. Now all flat surfaces are covered with pretty little squares and you’re ready to move on. It’s fabric so what ever you can make with fabric you can make. From that mug rug to a pillow top to a scarf to a baby blanket to seat covers for his pick-up! Here’s a few things I’ve made over the years, just to give you the idea.


There’s so much more. But that should give you an idea. And if you need more the web site has a gallery of project photos sent in by other weavers. But I hope you are getting the idea. To paraphrase and old saw–  Get Out Your Looms and Make Stuff!


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