Still cold!

It’s still cold but hey, it’s winter! I got the cardigan finished and it’s too big. Not something that happens to me often! lol Haven’t decided what to do about it yet so I started a new project. Oh yeah, the woven scarf… Well, it’s been suggested that my assembly method might not be the best for that yarn so I put that on hold while I think about it. But Randy made a little peg loom and I snagged it to try some bulky Noro I acquired earlier this year. So I’m trying another scarf on it. I’ve only used this loom to weave a small bath mat so it is pretty much an experimental project.
I don’t think these two skeins are going to make a very long scarf, but it is going to be think and warm.
Peg loom scasrf, I hope. 2

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