It’s beginning to look….

Well, you know. Mostly it looks cold. We don’t usually have winter days in the teens or even less. This cold spell jumped on us with a 5 degree morning! That was the worst of it. The best was that the snow that fell is the really dry kind that you can “shovel” with a broom! But it has insulated the plants a bit from the continued cold. It did get above freezing today so maybe we really are going to warm up as they keep promising.

It’s pretty, we have some fine icicles!
And I’m getting some knitting and weaving done. I’m trying to knit myself a cardigan using the knitting machine, but it and I are not having a really good relationship just at the moment. I’ll get the hang if it yet, tho. My scarf with the 4″ Multi square is coming along, tho. I started putting it together this evening. They are all from one skein, shades of grey from nearly black to almost silver. I’m using black and a modified flat braid crochet to put them together. I think it will be one of those infinity type scarves. In the olden days that sort of scarf was called a Smoke Ring. I always thought that sounded pretty for some reason.

I hope if you have Christmas projects going that they are going well and nearly finished. I didn’t do any this year. Well, it’s stress free, anyway!
4 inch shades

We had the web site redone and it should be kicking in here pretty soon. Keep your eye out for it. I’ll be trying a few new things in the days to come which I hope will be interesting.

Meantime… Merry Christmas!

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