My new toy

Yep, it’s a downdraft table for my sanding!

It does a great job, too! He has been improving the dust collection system in the shop but my finish sanding has always been a problem. Not anymore! And it’s got this neat brass plate  on the front. Randy says it looks like a rodeo belt buckle but I think it adds a touch of Class!

It’s been getting a workout since it arrived, too.  I’m caught up for a bit today so get to actually use my looms! lol
And it’s a good day for it since we are getting a new storm that is supposed to drop a few inches of snow on us. We get estimates from 4 inches to 3 feet. Needless to say I’m not in favor of the latter! So far it’s just cold and windy and putzing around  snow-wise, but it’s enough to keep me indoors by the fire with a lap full of yarn. Hope you are cozy today, too!

One thought on “My new toy

  1. That is a pretty piece of machinery right there! And sounds like it’s something that was long overdue to have around there.

    I’ve started looming again simply because I now have my Inkle loom and with all these straps I’ve been making I need to add sides to them to make handy dandy bags out of. Been thinking of constructing aprons also. Will put pics up on my blog when I finish things.

    Hope y’all are staying warm today!


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