I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I posted! Sorry ’bout that! We have been busy, tho. Randy has under taken a new project for me, and maybe for sale once we get the “bugs” worked out. It’s a doll storage and clothes trunk. He calls it a steamer trunk. The first prototype gave us a clue about what we need fro the remodeled one. For instance, this one has no room for the doll.  Since I tote a couple of these with me to shows they do need a safe way to travel.

And I finally finished my toaster cover. Had a time getting it to felt. I used Noro sock yarn and I have found Noro easy to felt in the past but this sock yarn has silk so maybe that was the reason. Anyway, it’s done and I’m happy with it. I am working on one for the mixer now.

And  I’ve been ‘inventing’ clothing patterns for the little 6″ American Girl dolls, too. Those are such fun, fast and easy, even with tiny needles and yarns. You can find those on Ravelry, tho there aren’t many posted yet. I have a couple of knitters working furiously testing my creations! lol

And I have gotten a bit of canning done as well.  Bean soup! And I don’t know why this blue line is here…aauugh!

But in the meantime… The snow is starting to melt tho we keep getting threatened with more, none has fallen recently. But it’s cold! The wind keeps it icy in spite of the bright sunshine we have today. Hope you all had a Lovely Valentines day and are looking forward to spring. I see a few bulbs starting to push up some green!

4 thoughts on “Feburary!

  1. Hi Hazel,
    Yeah at long last I finished my blanket! I didn’t do a great deal for the past year, my mum’s Alzheimer’s is much worse and I spend a great deal of time looking after her. Though I suppose I do have time, but not the inclination for a while, however the muse has struck so let’s see what I can come up with. My latest want is a peg loom…
    Hope you and Randy are well.
    Best wishes


  2. Hi Hazel,

    Love the doll clothing trunk idea !!!! I’ll be keeping my eye on that as that is something my grand daughter would surely love, love, love!!! As a child I had a suitcase for my doll clothes which I absolutely loved and still have around here somewhere. Must see if I can find that ;))

    Love your doll patterns and thanks for posting,


  3. That is one lovely streamer trunk! Randy is an awesome builder of things!!! 😀 Love the look of the toaster cover also. You have a great eye for color! That bean soup is making me hungry just looking at it.

    And talking about weaving, I got an Inkle Loom for Valentines this year, and I was thinking of using some of the weaving as like a biased edge around some of the squares I’ve woven on your looms. I’ll let you know how it goes.


  4. Hi Mom! Soup looks good! I’ve been meaning to send you some pics of a couple of kids dresses that I thought would make wonderful doll dresses. I’ll try to remember! Are the Daffodils coming up yet?
    Love the toaster cozy!


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