A New project

Well, now that the holidays are over and things are more or less back to normal, I’ve gotten out the lovely, huggable alpaca yarn I bought at the Fiber Mania in Grants Pass, Oregon this past November and am weaving some replacements for the Hooded Scarves I sold there. I don’t usually sell my weavings but people kept asking and I decided that I needed to make some new ones to show at the fiber events anyway, so I gave in to a couple gentlemen buying wife gifts. lol
I’m weaving this one on our 14” tri loom and assembling them side to side. I have not yet decided if it will have a fringe. This hand spun alpaca seems a little fragile and I don’t know how a fringe would handle being washed. I may leave it plain or maybe crochet something.
I’m using an old fashioned stitch called fagoting to assemble the triangles. It give the scarf a bit of a lacy look while still being plenty warm. Because this is a thick & thin soft yarn of varied color I wove a plain weave, letting the yarn show itself.

I use the needle to hold the loop while I adjust the length of the stitch.

Once it’s blocked ( I block most things after assembly) it will look something like this.

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