Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great christmas and are going, tonight, to have a Happy and SAFE New Year’s celebration! The old folk here in Coffee Creek will have a quiet one at home. He’s gotten a cold somewhere and tho we were invited to a party I guess we ought not go spread the germs around. I have my fingers x-ed that I can get by without it.

But we enjoyed ourselves in Sausalito with Randy’s step-mom. It was a nice treat for a couple of country bumpkins! She took us to see Beach Blanket Babylon which has been running in San Francisco since 1974. It’s a sort of satire and is updated frequently so is really entertaining. We loved it. Here’s the pair of them waiting in line. Don’t he look cheerful?!this is why the kids call him Grumpa!

Of course we went to see other sights, too. The Bridge, of course, from up on the hill above Ft. Baker. It wasn’t exactly foggy but there was a mist.

The houses in Sausalito are all stacked on top of each other. No kidding! These are the ones that look directly out into the bay. MIL lives up the hill a couple blocks and I do mean UP!

And we got to the beach. Well, I have to admit we only got to the parking lot. The wind of icy cold and gusting. The spume off the waves was flying back out to sea! The gulls had to flap just to stay in place and had to tack to make headway! So I took this picture from the car. yeah, I’m wimpy!

And Sheba was nice enough to model the coat I knitted for her and didn’t even seem to mind it so I guess that was a success!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Boy, are they! You really have to like neighbors! My country ‘personal space’ requirements start getting squeezed after a few days!


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