Welcome to November!

The temperature was 41 this morning, on the warm side, but the mt. tops are white, none the less. The trees that still have leaves are brightly colored and I have this ready to go into the oven. I have never grow Jack Be Little pumpkins before so have not a clue what will become of them I did them like apples, brown sugar spices and some raisins. I thought about adding some ginger cookies crumbs but the local store did not have any ready at hand. Well, x your fingers for them!

I’ve been working on the toddler clothing. I have some nice cotton bamboo blend but it kind of a wimpy color, I’ll need to find something to give it some kick.
I worked in the shop a bit but had to give it up as I kept hitting my thumb with the hammer. So I’ve been doing book work most of the day. Gaaa!
Well, I see Himself is home. Must be Game Time! Go Giants!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to November!

  1. Well, I didn’t either when I planted these but I googled and found lots of recipes. They are real pumpkins, if small. They tasted fine but wee a little tricky to eat out of the shell so I just scooped out the rest of them, added an egg and a bit of milk, dumped it all in the blender for a few seconds then baked it in a little casserole dish. With a blob of cool whip on top it was a nice pumpkin custard.


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