A Special offer!

It’s been several days since I posted I see, but I have been busy! We are making a special offer to weavers just in time for the on-line version of Black Friday. If you are among those who had rather do their shopping at home than put yourself in harms way out in the shopping malls this one might just be for you!
When you order your 12 Or 7 inch loom between now and December 20th you will get a free project sheet for our newest pattern… the Button Down Scarf… PLUS 3 hand made Yew-wood buttons to use on your new scarf! Yew wood is the same wood used to make the famous bows in the olden days. It is a rare tree these days but you need not worry that any trees were harmed to make these unique buttons. The dead branches used for these buttons were collected over the years by Randy’s dad in his wanderings though the Trinity Alps, & he never cut live wood. It is a very hard and beautiful wood.
The scarf is easy and economical to weave and would make a great Christmas gift as well. The scarf I am weaving was made using the 12″ square loom but this scarf can also be woven using the 7″ square.

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