thrums (275k image)

Along with this kind of weaving comes things called Thrums. It’s the left-over or “waste” yarn from weaving on big looms. Lots of people come up with neat things to use these short bits for but the small hand looms offer many possibilities which I have been exploring. The furry looking one was woven on the 7″ square. I tied the 11″ bits together with an overhand knot leaving tails of 3/8″ or so. It was slow-ish weaving as the tails wanted to hang up but it was not difficult. Then I felted them in the washing machine. I love the look. These two are going to become a needle book for my yarn needles but I can see many uses for them. This was wool; all but the center triangle square have been fulled, but not felted. It makes a nice fabric. That center triangle square was woven on a multi loom triangle which was a special order for Randy to invent! He rose to the challenge. 😀

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