Weaving Lessons

EurekaWeavingClass (61k image)

Since I bought this nice used Baby Wolf loom I thought I ought to learn to use it so when Randy said he had a class for his water master certification Eureka, an artistic town, I started looking for weaving classes and found Linda Hartshorn at the Ink People for the Arts studio. Our trip did not fit any of her class schedules but she said she could give me private lessons. That’s why you see nobody at all those looms. Wednesday evening they are busy but today only that one in front was going with me on it. Linda had stepped out for a sec when I took the photo. I am so glad I went! I learned soooo much today! I think I am going to be able to weave on this loom and maybe even eventually be able to translate some weaving patterns to the small frame looms as weavers keep asking of me. X your fingers!
I’ll just add that if you get a chance to take lessons from Linda -do it, she’s a fabulous teacher! 😀

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