Winter cats

cats (238k image)

Yes, I know everybody’s cats look alike, but I thought they were just too cute. Robin doesn’t usually share my chair. I have been letting them go outside these sunny warm-ish days but they usually only spend an hour or so and in they come. Can’t say I blame them. It’s not real cold out but neither is it as cozy as it is in here by the fire. Not that I get to spend much time here these days. Seems like we’re both in the looms shop more often than we are in the house. All things considered that’s good, but… ! :hehe:
Sis and her husband are coming down for Thanksgiving. Just a day trip to share turkey and blessings, but we’ll enjoy the visit. My brother & wife were here last weekend. He’s become quite the international guitar maker, one is going to Sweden this week. I think that’s pretty neat! Way to go Baby Bro! 🙂 There’s a link over there on the right. He has pictures and little music files, if you’d like to see.

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