The New Me

before&after. (70k image)

Okay, I went to the Stylist To The Stars & got styled. Since movie stars always have their photo’s touched up, I figgered this gave me the right to take a few wrinkles off my photo, too. So here I am plus a new hair cut and less a few years! :laugh: It was an interesting experience. I didn’t make many points on Denise’s “bingo’ list, tho. He did drop a couple star names but most of his conversation had to do with all he lost in the fire and how the insurance co was trying not to pay. I expect that part is true, they never like to pay. He’s a talkative and personable guy with a large I-go! 😉 I’m glad to get rid of the mop, and reserving opinion on the Do until it gets all the “Design Fixative” (for real! lol he gave me a bottle of it to use) gets shampooed out and I can see what the cut really looks like. I did warn him I was not strong on styling up-keep. 😛

But we had a good time at the Amkpleknitters retreat in Ashland. I’ll post a few pics to the list photo page for those who may be interested.

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