Not a Well Rounded Day.

June23 (136k image)

When I went out to go pick up my produce from the local gardener & this is what I found on my car. 😦 So I decided to take the old junker if it would start. It did. Got me there but when I got ready to leave… Dead. After a couple tries and a panic call to Himself we found the jumper cables in the back of the Dead One. Tami brought her truck around and after nearly giving up hope we got it started. Whew! Yes, we may be good Mountain Women, as she said, but I ain’t changing that darned tire! lol In fact, I doubt these days if I could even get it off as I could in the Olden Days. Not as strong as I was used to be. 😛 Or as determinded! :laugh:
So I have not gone anywhere else today. There is still the old ford pickup but I can barely reach the pedals and the seat is permanently set at Tall Guy! Nothing I need to do that badly. I cleaned house instead. It was in need after the long hectic weekend, anyway.
Hope your Monday was sunny and smoke free.
Hazel, here in fiery N. CA. 🙄

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