An easy, cheap ‘spool’ knitter.

spoolknitter4 (34k image)

If the kids get bored this summer give them an empty tp tube or cut a paper towel tube in lengths. Supply a box of good round toothpicks and some yarn. They’ll need something to poke holes though the cardboard. The tooth picks might do it. I used an exacto knife but if it comes to that, you’d better do the hole poking. Thread the toothpicks as in the photo, use at least three holes to hold them in place and be sure to put the points inside the tube to avoid stuck fingers. I used the standard 4 but there’s no reason they can’t do more if they want & can fit them in. I used scissors to cut the top ends blunt and another toothpick to pull the yarn over. Put a clothes pin on the yarn, drop it though and start winding around… you know the rest or Google spool knitting… you’ll find more than enough info!
This the the basic cheap & easy but you can use stronger stuff and bigger as well. I used bamboo skrewers and a heavier tube and made one to knit mittens on. I’ve seen them made with an oatmeal box as well. Once the kids get the idea, you make have knitting fanatics on your hands! lol

This came up because I promised to teach a kids knitting class this summer. Wish us luck!

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