BabySetMulti (278k image)

I wove this baby set with the Multi after a set in a 1940’s pattern book. The yarn is modern…I think I have the correct label. It’s TLC Baby Amore`, a chenille type. Very soft and cuddly. I made the set with one skein and have some left.
I did use the 4″ for most of it but the yoke called for the 2″, which I just happened to have as Randy made some for a customer. I knitted the band on the cap as I wanted to know how the yarn did that way, it did fine.
So now I’m ready for the next baby who comes along! 😀 Last year I ended with several sets of baby things (I like making them) and donated them at xmas time to a local children’s support group.
It’ll go well with the pink bear! (Check the button!)

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