Fast and Slow art!

PeterTwicer.2JPG (14k image)

Today, Friday the 13th, my art partner and I hosted the group with a surprise live model. Peter did a great job for us & found a way to sit still for 30 minutes while we sketched away. The inset is a 2 minute sketch… not too bad for such an awkward angle. Lots of foreshortening. The other is a more finished drawing but I’m going to do a bit more on it. He very kindly gave me permission to photograph him so I still have the model. 😀 I think every one enjoyed it. It was one of the quietest art gatherings I’ve been to… everyone concentrating on their work! Not that we aren’t serious about art… it’s just that we are a very talkative group as a rule.
But anyway… that was my Friday 13th, which proves to me that luck has nothing to do with it!
Hope yours went well, too. 🙂

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