My meadow

Butterfly7a (270k image)

People, including Randy, keep offering to mow my ‘lawn’ for me but I decline. I don’t even call it a lawn. It was a meadow before this cabin was built. In fact, when we first moved in we had tadpoles each spring where it stood water. But they put in drains so that’s gone, but I am the one who cares for the place so I choose to only mow twice a year. I have a lovely bunch of rose clover this year and there are ox-eye daisies, English daisies, ajuga, self heal, dandelions, thyme, and oregano escaped from planters. Sage and roses and black-caps around the edges, wild flocks (make that phlox!:blush: ), lungwort, many many grasses and lots of different ferns along the creek edge. There’s a little pink flower whose name I don’t know but who’s face I enjoy, too. And bees & butterflies and other pollinators. The birds were pictured earlier, but there’s also hummers, and robins, and grosbeaks, and little ones we hear but hardly ever see. flickers and woodpeckers (including the pileated pair) who we certainly hear! And the doe brings her fawns in the summer. I fence my tomatoes and the rest is open. Well, my point is, I have a lovely yard and I Don’t Have To Mow Or Poison anything! 🙂
If I want a golf course… my poor deluded neighbor has one. 😦

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