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Well, fluffy big clouds, anyway. I never heard any thunder and the rain we got was just a regular fall-down-and-wet-everything-for-several-hours type of rain rather than the noisy frog strangler that usually comes with a Thunder storm. But the clouds were pretty and the rain was welcomed so it was all okay as it was. Today was a lovely warm rainless day, with temperature back up into the 70’s. I worked on rearranging the studio and the storeroom. Made lots of room and organized some stuff so that (hopefully!) I can find it when I need it without searching for days. I want to set up my knitting machine again & I think I have room for it now. Once Himself gets my shelves built I’ll start sorting yarn and once that’s done I’ll post an invitation to anyone who wants to drop by and craft. I think I’ll offer weaving, knitting, or crocheting lessons if anyone wants to learn the basics, too.
I think it’ll be fun. 🙂

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