A first!

Steek2 (189k image)

Isn’t she elegant?! This is Margaret and she’s wearing the first sweater that I ever steeked. I think that’s the correct word. I designed it as I went along, stitched and cut without fear. It being as small as it is I could be brave! I think it turned out very nice and could even lead to larger projects. But this is another one that I did not write a pattern for so will not get into the book. The first one is a rather lovely (if I do say so) entrelac pull over in lavender and yellow.

I love knitting for Margaret, tho. She never complains about the fit or that the wool itches or she doesn’t like the colors, and she looks good in everything. Her sweater and faux pleated skirt were also designed by me. 🙄 Sis is test knitting my patterns (woo, was that necessary!) and I hope to be ready to Publish soon.

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