Memorial Weekend Hike.

Stoddard (189k image)

No, not mine! Randy and his cousin Dan hiked up to Stoddard Lake, elevation +/-6000′. They got snowed on in the night. I was a little worried when it started raining here bout 10pm last night. It rained all night, too, but I guess they enjoyed their hike in any case, and arrived home this afternoon only partially wet. 😉
This is Stoddard lake yesterday evening, the ice is breaking up in a rather interesting pattern, I thought. And the foreground reflection has not a ripple. He took another photo this morning with the clouds sitting down nearly to the water. A very cold looking view! :O
Lots of Horse trailers headed for the Alps yesterday but I think there’s going to be some disappointed riders as the trails are still pretty solidly closed by snow. There’s very likely quite a few wet campers, too! Well, we have been needing this rain, even if the timing is inconvenient. 😀

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