The Tumbling Blocks vest is Finished!

DoneFront2 (181k image)

TA-DA! I think it turned out well and fits me, too! I’m going to like wearing this one. So let me tell you… when you start yours, get a sewing pattern that fits you well or cut one from a garment that fits and use it as a guide. Lay your blocks out on it and make them to fit. Don’t be afraid to cut if you need to. Just remember to stay stitch. I recommend you do that before cutting but it’s your call. I had to cut at the shoulders as the blocks assembled into a straight shoulder, and tho my shoulders are pretty flat, they were not that flat and it caused some buckling in the arm hole.
The trim is k1 p1 ribbing, but could also be crocheted. I’m not sure, but I think you could get by without either if you lined it. I thought about lining this one, but I think it would be too heavy if I did so will just leave it as is. I did not plan buttonholes because I thought it might be a bit snug there and so was intending a tie but it turned out right for fastening so just used large snaps.
This was all woven on the 7″ tumbling block loom. If you are a small person you might be better using the smaller one. It would allow for more options in sizing.

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