The Road Home

TheRoadHome (154k image)

This has been and continues to be one of the prettiest Autumns in a long time. the colors are just fantastic!We had enough rain to close down fire season here in far north California, unlike the unfortunate southern CA.
This is Coffee Creek Road, and my car. I was standing in front of my mailbox to take this. There is not a stretch of Road between here and Weaverville that is not photogenic this month. A bit of wind came up this afternoon and my dirt and gravel parking space is carpeted with a colorful tapestry of leaves. Most of which blew in from my cousins yard, but when I suggested he should rake them he started explaining how the convoluted wind patterns were actually blowing mine onto his lawn… which was suspisously green! lol But I think that means he’s not going to rake for me! :laugh:
I may be hanging my pictures at the Chamber of commerce this next month if I can come up with the required numbers. But this is the scene I painted today, tho I left my car out of it.
I hope you too, are having a lovely fall this week!

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