TA-DA! An FO!!!

SweaterComplete2 (149k image)

Well, I have finally & at last completed this project! I’ve learned several things, too …believe it or not! lol I am already planning another one, but with a few modifications. I think the main item for a better fit will be longer shoulders in the back. That’ll probably mean either a bit of knitting on the yoke, or more likely just use of one of the smaller looms in that service. I am pleased with it, all in all, tho. I could not find the buttons I won at Ampleknitters last year, which I planned for this sweater so finally opted for no buttons. I can’t remember the last time I actually buttoned a cardigan, anyway. And I’ve seen them fastened with shawl pins or metal clasps so if I find something along those lines that I like and feel the need I may add one of them later.
But… all in all I am happy with it and Very Happy to have it done!

Mz. Ample2007 is also finished!

As is my mid-term painting! One of the options we are given is to “March to your own drummer” which permission I took advantage of this time.

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