The last blooms of summer

lastboquet (212k image)

Went around the yard just now and this is what I found. A few last … the yellow things… some asters, the fuchsia is doing well, some red clover and sage leaves. Not a lot but a pretty bouquet. The pears are from my sister, our tree didn’t produce this year. I think we’ll have a few apples. In fact, I’d better go check those before this storm gets cranked up. They’ve got us up to a 90% chance for measurable precip tonight. The first this fall. I think I’m ready. Spent the morning ‘winterizing’ the yard… putting away lawn tools, and flower pots, moved house plants & dog beds indoors, raked and swept and it’s looking good, I think. Guess we’re as ready as we’re going to be. You know it’s time when the weather page starts mentioning snow levels. They are still up there at 5500′ but it’s coming… 😎

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