Weaving a sweater.

1stsquare (129k image)

Well, I frogged my sweater… again. This time I decided to weave it. The sleeves will be knitted and maybe the yoke, I haven’t decided that for sure but the ‘skirt’ part is going to be woven. I’m using the special 20″ square Randy made for me. I had him make that one for a project I had in mind and after I nagged him to finally get it done, I discovered that I had measured wrong and it wouldn’t work! Red face! :blush: So I’m glad to be able to put it to work on another project! lol
I finally got some new buttons on the baby sweater and will take those in to the hospital this coming week. Not many babies are born at our local hospital but there’s a few who will be able to use the ‘fruits of my labors’ for the ‘fruits’ of theirs!;)
We finally broke down and built a fire. The last ones in the neighrborhood to do so. But Robin was cold. 😛 Poor kitty… we did it just for him. Hope your September is neither too hot or too cold.

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