Another one for the collection

LogginAhead (96k image)

My mother, who was born and reared in Missouri (Missoora, that is!) used a battry in her car and battries in her flashlight. We all thought that was pretty cute and that she was the only one in the world until one day somewhere in this state, tho I’ve forgotten where, we happened on a gas station that advertised the same in large letters painted on the side of the building! Now, yesterday, Randy brought home this abandoned sign written in ‘southern’! lol Or is it Texan? Well, in any case, they had finished “loggin” up that road so he added the sign to his collection.
No it decorates our drive along with the daffodils my daughter planted around 20 years ago. They brighten the place faithfully every spring.
Hope your spring is bright, too.

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