Our Yard ornament!

doe1 (191k image)

Doesn’t she look real?! I don’t think she can be, tho, because she was eating dandelions instead of my rose bushes! :laugh: No REAL deer would do a thing like that! She comes around every day and spends quite a bit of time in the yard, unless the dogs spot her. She had already left today when they got wind of her. I made her nervous taking her photo, but she’ll be back tomorrow. Yesterday she popped out of the yard between Cori and the tennis ball and Cori never even noticed her. When she’s focused on that ball she sees nothing else. They don’t chase her far. When she runs, they ‘ll run, too, to the edge of the yard. That about poops, Jack, he sometimes doesn’t even bother, and for Cori, it’s just a game, like chasing the cats. That only happens when they want to tease her and run by her nose.

It wasn’t as smoky today, they’re getting ahead of the fires, or at least the closest ones. They aren’t near us but the smoke comes over the alps in the afternoons. More T-storms are predicted for the weekend, tho. X your fingers.

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