I did it!

1stloomsampler (79k image)

Finally figured out how to warp and tie-up the ‘new’ floor loom and actually wove some sample things on it! From top to bottom they are: Yarn (LB Jiffy, I think), cut up wool blanket, LB sock yarn, and a cut-up old flannel pillow case. This is a rug loom so that’s why all the ‘rag’. I have balls of the cut up wool blanket to use for a real sized rug, but I want to play a bit to figure out how the thing works before i started on my “good ” rags. I’m going to start measuring warp tomorrow.
Today I went to a meeting with some local gals who’ve formed a little craft ‘club’. Two were beading, one quilting, I took my knitting, not knowing what to expect on my first visit, and the other gal had one of my square looms. That was neat. 🙂
So I guess I’ll just goof off for the rest of the evening. Hope you get some time off, too! 😉

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