A different game day

Monopoly2 (200k image)

This morning instead of the electronic Gameboy, they found the Monopoly board game. Their mom said it was one of her fav’s so they seem to have some idea of how it goes, but Shane, who is sometimes rather too trusting, is allowing Mac to dictate the rules. I sit here in the house listening to them though the window and I can tell that Shane is getting skunked! lol I think Mac just charged him rent when he landed on his own property! Rather unscrupulous, I think. I also heard him say “You owe me 10%” of something & I’m pretty sure neither of them have any idea of percentages yet so I’m kind of curious how that worked out. But I’m willing to bet it was in Mac’s favor! :blush:
But they are getting along and staying out of trouble! Yesterday I had to go hunt Mac who thought he might hike to the top of Billy’s Peak, which turned out to be a bit further than it looks! 😛 He was able to hear the car horn and recognized it as a signal to come home. He’s such a little guy that I’m torn between letting him explore and fearing for his safety. I think of all the hours we spent wandering in the woods when we were kids and never worried, nor our parents either, to my knowledge. Why do I fear coyotes and bears and lions now? I only recall seeing a bear once when I was wandering in the woods, and we just tip-toed off in opposite directions from each side of that blackberry patch! :O
Well, I think Grampa is taking them exploring this weekend so they’ll be chaperoned. :laugh:

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