Our Weekend…

RogueBoata (264k image)

We sent the boys off with Grampa to go camping and Karen and I went to Rogue River to ride the jet boat up Hellgate Canyon with Rosy & Rex. (third row left side) It was over 100 degrees so getting soaked, as the pilots of these boats make sure you are, was not only delightful, but almost required! I did remember sunscreen so only got a tiny bit of burn where I missed. It was a fun ride. Next day we got pedicures and facials… well, all of us but poor Rosy who was just healing from a dandy case of poison oak which was a gift from the dog. That plant is really lush and potent this wet summer.
Then Monday we went with Rosy to her spinning guild meeting and then did the grocery shopping and came home. Just in time for the longest and loudest thunder storm we’ve had in some time! It must have hung over our house for a good 5 hours! There are just two small fires this morning, tho, since the storm was a wet one, also. But nobody got any sleep before 2 am and the dogs are still skittish today. More in the forecast for tonight… :confused:

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