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PI3-29 (238k image)
I just noticed how much snow there is on this blog! I seem to be obsessed! Well, it snowed again this morning but fortunately has now all melted again. That’s March for you. I’m looking forward to April. For several reasons, springtime is, of course, high on the list, but April 1 is also my birthday and this year we are making a trip to the city to visit cousins and Randy’s Dad and I get to celebrate with dinner in a Real Restaurant. We have a nice one here for Saturday night kind of “home cooked” dinners but… Wow! I might even get to finally find out what the heck California Cuisine is! lol And I’m going to enjoy my visit with the kin-folk, too.
But, meantime, I thought I ought to show you something besides snow! This is my version of the Anniversary Pi ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EZasPi/). I started out with the Shetland Pi from GOL but decided to branch out once I reached the second increase. I did one repeat of the Rose Trellis pattern and now I’m tired of that one :blush: and am going to do a couple repeats of another smaller pattern then the edging of my choice, also not Meg Swanson’s. This yarn is 80% wool and 20% mohair and a tiny bit scratchy. I’ll wash it once see if it softens up. If so, it may be a gift for a future baby, if not… well, I dunno. Something will come up! 🙄
So that’s it for today, I’d better get on with the laundry. 😉

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