BAck to (almost) normal

ScottRosy1 (105k image)
I made my sister get out of her warm car and stand by the berm to show how deep the snow is on Scott Mt. pass today. It temp was 29 degrees without the wind-chill and the wind was ripping across there. It was COLD! The plows hadn’t been up yet, we 4-wheeled to the pass, tho it never got more than about 3″ deep on the road and she said she ran out of it very soon on the Siskiyou side. By the time I got home it was raining and most of the couple inches we got this morning was gone.

Anyway, we had a lovely service for Grandmother, Sunday. People shared their memories of her, all the family & special friends from the community were here. It’s going to be different without her but we will get on with our lives just as she’d expect.

Randy has gone back to work and the looms shop is back in business. We are sending a package to Israel this week. Not the furthest they’ve gone but the first for there.

It looks like we have more cold weather in store but spring will be along soon. meantime, enjoy your warm wooly weavings!

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