My Mo-socks

Mo-socks (36k image)
Here’s my latest socks…handspun mohair, fat and fuzzy and silky. Wonderful. I might make another pair! I also have some white that I never dyed that would be good for socks. I need something on the needles to relax me from looms! lol We are getting ready for Black Sheep Gathering and I’m also trying to get some new weaving projects done but after a few hours my head needs a change and socks are a good project that you don’t have to think about while you knit! lol (Hummm I guess you don’t have to think about grammar, either! :laugh: )

One thought on “My Mo-socks

  1. Oooh, those socks look good and toasty! And that’s coming from someone sitting in 95 degree heat with 70% humidity! 😀

    Yaayyy, on getting the room finished up. Now if you put all of your yarn stash in there and I come and stay at your bed and breakfast I reserve the right to stay up all night and knit up as much of it as I can!!! LOL

    BTW I’ve got a little blanket picture done up on my blog. I’ve decided to start piecing together all the odd ball squares I’ve got lying around here into something. I’ve got to do about 12 more diamonds before I have enough for a blanket with them. 🙂


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