I know it isn’t fiber, but….

cactus3 (87k image)

I just wanted to brag on my Happy Cactus! It bloomed like this last year, too, so I haven’t moved it. I think this means it likes it there in the window of my studio! I *am* doing fiber stuff. The new project is making headway and I was just ready to cast on the second sock when I discovered I’d left my needles at Sis’s. So she’s mailing them with the rest of the stuff I left. Things have been going like that lately! :hehe:

Hope we are getting ready for Black Sheep Gathering, it’s only about 3 weeks now. I have to dig out the display and paint the back. People have suggested that it does little to enhance thir displays when they are behind us! lol It wasn’t intentional… I just never thought of the back side. In fact, I don’t know that I even saw it until Himself had it set up at the fair. And, while it isn’t hideous, I can’t say I blame them for wanting it improved a bit.

Maybe I should print out a huge poster of my cactus! :laugh:

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