A new project

Jo_anns_yarn_diamonds. (42k image)

I’m weaving these 14″ diamonds for a new project, inspired by a knitted pattern. This isn’t going to look much like the knitted one but that one gave me the idea. I bought this yarn at Jo-Ann’s. It was pretty cheap but I love those really big fat skeins! :laugh: I was thinking of pillows or something non-wearable but I think this is going to make a rather nice fabric. I sure like the way the diamonds look so far. I’d like this to fit me so am not sure how many of these I’ll have to weave. And…really… I don’t wear sleeveless tops anymore so maybe I’ll make it for my daughter. I think I have an idea for an entry in the Spin-Off poncho contest, too! lol It is one that would probably be called “art”. No… you’ll have to wait and see! 😎 :laugh:

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