Fancy yarn

ribbon_stuff. (51k image)
Here’s something a bit more cheerful. I picked this up at a sale at Jo-Ann’s but I think LB makes one about like it. It wove up nicely on the Quilt Weaver Square and I used the end of a knitting needle to easily pull up the “flags” after. This brand, at least, is made up of three stands and the biggest problem is making sure you don’t drop one on the way though. Again, easy to fix, but annoying. It didn’t happen much and I’d use it again. Don’t know what you’d make with it. Scarves, of course, maybe a hat, cuff or collars for a bigger project. This one is for an afghan patch swap. Soft stuff… actually I can see it as a sleeveless summer top for little girl. I expect two 12″ or 14″ squares might make a little boat necked top, depending on the size of your girl. It’d be fun, anyway! 😀
Snowed here again this morning. I think we may have gotten 3″. Enough to cancel Sis’s trip down. Again. :plain:

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