Dye Day

DyeDay1 (23k image)
Here I am dying away. One of us found a web site showing knitted swatches being dyed and then frogged and reknit. Light bulbs flashing all over! lol This is two lengths that I wanted to make into a pair of socks, but as Rosy pointed out, at the width I made my color changes, I’d have to knit knee socks to get all the colors in and that wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but I have other ideas for using this really cool yarn! Rosy used her facny dyes and I used my kool-aid. It was great fun.
She also helped me sort my new cormo fleece and get it ready to wash. We even got one batch washed. It is sooooo nice! I stopped at the dollar store on the way home and bought laundry bags to wash it in. No felted fleece for me this time, by gosh!

2 thoughts on “Dye Day

  1. Now that does look like fun! I wonder if you ran the koolaide stripes the other way along the knitting if that would make a good self patterning sock yarn?
    We just got back from shopping and I found EE dyes for 66 cents for 9 tablets. Hoping they go on sale even cheaper after Easter but figured I’d pick up a few just in case they run out. I also got a passle of koolaide because dh loves the smell of cooking koolaide. 🙂


  2. I didn’t think about trying it that way. Sis was trying to make thin strips of color but the dye spreads, wicks , so it’s hard. I’ll knit her a thin length and that should to better at making narrow stripes for socks. I’ll have to give the long ways color a try and see what it does! Thanks for the idea.
    You got a better deal than I did! I paid 69 cents at Walmart. lol I did buy a dozen boxes, tho. Also got some of Walmarts ‘koolaid’, I like their red, it seem redder than Kool-Aid’s. I think that’s the strawberry flavor. I like the smell of Koolaid dyed yarn too. Orange is my fav! Good thing I like the color, too!


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