Boys In Fiber

Boy-fibering (51k image)

Here they all are with their works in fiber. Shane is holding his handspun llama yarn rake-knitted pillow. He did the carding and helped spin and then knitted it on the knitting rake all by himself. Chris was our main weaver man. He wove the squares and made the bear and he wove from acrylic all the triangles to make his blanket. He also made his own set of Tiny Weaver looms with a little help from Grumpa.
Mac used Lion Brand Bulky and the knitting rake to make his dog a blanket. He got quite a way along and then decided to enlarge it to fit Cori (the real dog), instead of Midnight (the stuffed one). The result you see on the right. It turned out nicely, tho, because his clever Grandma saw at once that with the addition of a nice wooden button, the result made a fine cape for Midnight! Cori isn’t very fond of clothes anyway so was persuaded to let it go. 🙄

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