On top of the world

Lookout (51k image)
Maybe not quite on top. 6956 foot above sea level, which is not bad. The view is wonderful The whole of Trinity Alps to the west and volcanic Mt. Shasta looming to the east. Lynn has been look out for many years. I used to be her relief looong time ago. We had a nice visit. They are all looking at Grumpa, who wouldn’t get in the picture!
We had lunch at Scorpion Lake and “swam” in Scorpion Creek with the water snake. Karen scared up a doe and fawn and there was a grouse hen with one nearly grown chick in the road. That’s all the wildlife we saw other than a few squirrels. Chris did collect some bear hair from the splintery bridge railing which he rolled into “string”… what he calls yarn making! :laugh: His bear string was about 6” long. We didn’t get the potato salad made so we’re having soup with our hot-dogs, but at least we’re partly Traditional! lol Hope your weekend Sparkled!

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