Our ‘Jack of all trades’

swpot3. (55k image)

Chris has turned out to have a knack for more than just weaving. His bedroom window is lined with paper cups with seedling trees of just about every variety we have in the yard! 😀 His sweet potato is the champion, tho. He planted it in a shallow dish but it seems to be thriving. Here he is sunning his plant and having breakfast. The dirt pile is still the favorite play place. Randy hauled that in about 4 years ago to build flower beds (which are still only half done! :P) and it was a favorite of Justin’s, too.

2 thoughts on “Our ‘Jack of all trades’

  1. I forgot to mention where the potato came from! It was a pre-sprouted gift from Aunt Rosy. One of those spuds that can’t wait to do what comes naturally! lol


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