A new kind of sock

HeelSocks1c (36k image)
Karen, who goes barefoot or wears sandals if she has to wear shoes, says her heels dry and crack and she has to grease them and wear socks at night but she hates socks becuse they make her feet too hot. So she wanted “heel socks”. Okay… :confused: Well, this is what I came up with and she seems delighted with them. It’s Opal yarn on #1 & 2 bamboos. I made the heel a little long because she has really high arches, and started and ended 2/2 with ribbing.

5 thoughts on “A new kind of sock

  1. Ooohhh, I might just try this for my dry feet! I’m another sandal/flipflop wearer and need something to cover those rough heels too! 😉


  2. Oh! These are too cool! I have the same problem. You may have begun a new fad. Of course I haven’t mastered turning a heel yet, so…;)! Mary <


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