Gone Fishin’

FirstFishing4 (55k image)

The boys wanted to go fishing so they spent the morning digging worms and we went to the dredge pond this evening. They didn’t catch anything but Karen has promised to take Chris in the morning, when they might be biting. We could see the trout swimming around but they weren’t hungry. Even the Osprey wasn’t having any luck. But we enjoyed watching him scanning the pond from on high. Karen took this shot of me encouraging Chris in his endeavors. We roasted hotdogs over the BBQ grill tonight and they are “camping” on the lawn.

One thought on “Gone Fishin’

  1. Oh thank you for sending me the link! I’ve been off my computer a lot this past week because of summer thunderstorms in the afternoon and we had a mam cat that died in birthing this past week! 😦 But I love seeing what you are up too! Looks like the grandkids are keeping you busy! 🙂 Or you’re keeping them busy! LOL

    Love the fishing pictures and Kangaroo Lake! The snowball fight sounds great! With the heat we are having here, I didn’t think any place would still have snow at this time of the year!

    Oh and Chris sticking his hand in that dam just makes me want to go jump into an ice cold pool full of water!!! Looks so inviting!

    Now BBQing and camping sound like fun! I’m going to have to go dig the tents out of the garage and see what kind of shape they are in for this year!

    Thanks again for the e-mail! I always love coming here! 🙂


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