The Summer we don’t want to do again.

Wild fires and drought. We did have to evacuate. spent 8 days in the trailer with half our household goods. Thankfully a kind neighbor let us camo in their field so were only about, well, I don’t know, probably less than 10 miles from home. Randy, being in Search and Rescue and part of the sheriff’s dept. was able to go home and check on things and keep the pumps going to keep things wet and water the garden. We’re back now, the fire got less than a miles from us and then went up a draw behind us and around Billy’s peak. Good for us but not so good for some others. My walking friend is still not allowed home.

But she is luckier than some others who do not have homes to come back to. About 30, they say. A lot of them summer places but several were folk homes and at least one historical resort. We havent gotten any news about the other one yet.



But we are home and trying to get going again, putting packed things back in place. A lot of them not going back but rather into the donation piles. And others being sent to the kids.

And I’m still having adventures. I went out to the garden today to take photo’s of my zinnias to show sis asking her if she wanted seed and tripped over one of his row stakes. Landed on my foreheat this time and didn’t rebreak my nose, thankfully. Just a few scratches on my heard head!  Took the skin off my healing arm where I cut it last week & have either broken a finger or pulled it out of joint. He’s splinted it up for me and I’ll take it to the doc tomorrow. Didn’t want to go on Sunday. It’s my left hand so I can still weave but it does make typing a little tricky!

But I also have a long rip in my pant leg so thought I’d weave one of those colorful patches. Rooting around in the yarn bin I found a bag of already woven 4″ squares in a colorway in Opal sock yarn. And I have a couple shirts that are just right for this kind of thing so now I just need to stitch it on and wash. And there are enough patched left to patch the pants! 

Well, it appears my blog editor has decided Iam done posting today so I guess I am. Hope your day is going better than mine.

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