Fun in July

Today we “meet and Greet” with new neighbors. Then there is music at the Trailhead Pizza here in town. It’s a busy day! Part of one of the bands is staying in the cabin. Watered the flower bed this morning, It’s showing new blooms now. Then got some breads baked before it gets, I hope, too hot! Now, I’m doing a little knitting. In fact, a little Little knitting! For a tiny doll I have not gotten yet. But I needed a break from my weaving project for just a day. I may be getting a further break from all yarning projects in a few days as Himself says the beans are getting very close to harvest time! We’ll be eating a lot fresh but we got a little, shall we say – Generous? with seed this spring and so there’s a Lot of beans out there! The canner is going to get worked as well!

I don’t have any new or even any old weaving to add to todays post but a neighbor said she’s help me figure out how to use this blog to best advantage so may be I can get things so it’s easier to find. I hope she was being sincere! I need some help! Meantime, I hope you are all far from any fires and keeping at least moderately cool.

3 thoughts on “Fun in July

  1. Here’s the one I use.
    Bread Machine WW bread.
    1 ½ C warm water.
    1 tsp salt
    2 tbsp sugar
    3 tbsp oil or butter
    3 tbsp dry milk
    2 C white flour
    2C ww Flour
    1/4C ground flax
    Nuts, seeds, or whatever
    1 1/2tsp yeast
    Let rise, form loaves or loaf, let rise. bake 350 about 25 min.

    I use the dough cycle in the bread machine then do the rest ‘by hand’ and bake it in the oven in real loaf pans. This recipe makes a Big loaf or a smaller loaf and as few rolls.
    Also, the yeast is adjusted for our elevation which is 2500′ so you may need more or less depending on where you are. At “sea level’ it gets 2 ½ tsp.

    Also, as it has been 100+ this summer, way too hot to use the oven I found a small bred pan that fits my air fryer and have been using it to bake. You’ll get two small loves, or you can bake a round one without a pan. I’ve made it into hotdog buns, too. Fun to experiment, you can do sweet rolls or raisin nut bread. Have fun!
    Hazel Rose


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